shouldn’t a corporate song be about us?

9 09 2009

Something has been on my heart lately about worship songs. I want to see more songs about our God.

Pay attention to lyrics of worship songs you will find most of the songs are written in first person singular.

There is nothing wrong with writing in first person singular. Since songs are written from an individual perspective it is understandable to be written in first person singular. It’s also easier to rhyme with “me” than with “us.”

Psalms has a lot of songs from an individual perspective, but there are ones with group perspective such as Psalm 66.

If the church is one united group of people it would seem good to write songs in first person plural.

We are on a movement together of proclaiming Jesus Christ. We worship together. Using “we” and “us” promotes unity.

Church is not as much a bunch of individuals moving together, but rather a single entity made of many parts.

We the one church, the one bride of Jesus Christ are on one mission to proclaim the name and power of Jesus Christ to all.

He is not just my God, but our God. Let’s worship our God.