worship should be the greatest show on earth

21 10 2009

Growing up during the latest worship movement brought the question: How do you apply the right amount of musical artistry in worship so that you won’t be distracting to the people?

As I have journeyed in my understanding of worship and have seen different groups of believers worship, I realized that this is the wrong question.

I think it is better addressed with two questions:

1. How can song leaders best worship God?
2. How can those being led in worship know that worship is not a show for them?

Our responsibility is to worship God. His Greatness deserves our greatness in worship and nothing less.

Imagine if people were worshiping through a Cirque du Soleil type performance. Now that would be awesome! When we worship God it should be the greatest show on earth!

NOT the greatest

The challenge in corporate worship is having something that everyone can participate in. Obviously, not everyone can move their body’s in amazing ways as a tribute to God. Honestly, not everyone can sing either.

The problem is when we see others do something we cannot do we are mesmerized by them, but in worship we are supposed to be mesmerized by God.

I just realized something interesting. U2 came to Phoenix last night.

Their name is really a marketing technique. It can mean a lot of things or nothing at all.

So how does this apply to worship? When I think of the worship team I think of us versus them, but if we are really all worshiping God then it isn’t us versus them. The worship team is everyone. In other words the worship team really should be telling the gathering that the band is you too.

Yeah, I know it’s a little cheesy, but I think you’ll remember it better.

I’m sorry I didn’t answer my two questions, but really answering those questions is not my point.

The point is to remember: YOU are to worship the Lord out of YOUR relationship with Him.

We should all dig in and figure out how each of us can best worship God because He is worthy. If everyone focuses on their gift to God through worship, then it will be the greatest show on earth.