you can sit during worship

19 01 2010

I’ve made such a deal about standing and bowing in worship that I thought it would be good to mention that it’s OK to sit.

One thing I want to make clear is that standing isn’t some magical make-God-happy move. It has to be a choice to represent respect for His presence.

There are times when I sit, so let me explain why I sit.

When I stand or bow I actually can distract myself from internalizing what is going on in worship. Because I don’t sit much, when I do I use the time to focus on the lyrics, my heart condition and how much my soul actually wants to choose to worship.

When I eventually stand it must come out of choice in my heart that says, “I want to stand for God now.”

Honestly, this post isn’t some grand idea. I’m basically saying, “Be mindful of what you are doing in worship and why you are doing it.”

It will definitely be a much better experience for God and for you.


moses bowed in worship, have you?

12 08 2009

Having rows of chairs in church can cause a problem.

Why? You can’t bow.

Earlier I did a post on standing in worship. In my research, though, I found more about bowing down than standing in worship.

We find many instances of people bowing in worship. Genesis 24:26 and Exodus 34:8 show that worship and bowing are connected actions.

Just as standing is a position of honor, so is bowing. I was once told that this is a position of submission because the ruler over you could place his or her foot on your neck, thus rendering you helpless. I’ve never tested it out.

There isn’t much to say. Just do it. Personally, I found it rather odd when I first tried it. After I passed the weirdness, I found it really did help place me in proper perspective toward God. There truly is something about worshiping with our physical bodies as well as with our mouths and hearts.

is there a reason for standing in church?

29 07 2009

Is there a reason for standing in church?  I grew up going to church. The only posture we had for worship was standing.


So, should we stand to worship God and if so, why?

Exodus 33:10 (ESV)
And when all the people saw the pillar of cloud standing at the entrance of the tent, all the people would rise up and worship, each at his tent door.

The word translated “rise up” also can be translated “stand” as in the NIV. Standing is at least biblical, but is there a reason behind why it should be encouraged?

One of the attitudes we should bring in worship is honor. Did you notice that when a judge enters the court the bailiff announces, “all rise for the honorable judge ______?” When the President of the United States enters the House of Representatives chamber for the State of the Union address everyone stands.

God deserves more honor than anyone. If we stand to honor people, why not for God?

So, it’s biblically sound and the extra work of standing represent a heart attitude of honor.

I choose to stand not because I can’t see the screen, but because I want to honor God.