moses bowed in worship, have you?

12 08 2009

Having rows of chairs in church can cause a problem.

Why? You can’t bow.

Earlier I did a post on standing in worship. In my research, though, I found more about bowing down than standing in worship.

We find many instances of people bowing in worship. Genesis 24:26 and Exodus 34:8 show that worship and bowing are connected actions.

Just as standing is a position of honor, so is bowing. I was once told that this is a position of submission because the ruler over you could place his or her foot on your neck, thus rendering you helpless. I’ve never tested it out.

There isn’t much to say. Just do it. Personally, I found it rather odd when I first tried it. After I passed the weirdness, I found it really did help place me in proper perspective toward God. There truly is something about worshiping with our physical bodies as well as with our mouths and hearts.