free to be awesome… or not

11 08 2011

Last week our worship leader sang amazing. Probably, the best she has sung in months, maybe in over a year, in my opinion/recollection. I was afraid to tell her that she sang better than she had in a long time, fearing I would imply that she hadn’t been singing to her potential.

Then two verses came to me. One of them was because my awesome worship leader sent a passage for the team to read: Hebrews 12. Verse 28 says, “thus let us offer to God acceptable worship, with reverence and awe.” Then 1 Samuel 16:7 came saying, “the LORD sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the LORD looks on the heart.”

God showed me in worship sounding good or not is not the issue. It is our reverence and awe for God.

The worship leader’s family has been through some really tough times (saying “really tough” doesn’t do their life justice). To this day they submit to God – fear Him, revere Him and are in awe of Him.

This is why I love my worship team. Not only are the musicians good but their hearts are proper. Sometimes we sound OK, and that’s OK because God looks at our hearts. Sometimes we sound great, and that’s great because God looks at our hearts and on top of that we sounded good!

I am not saying, what is often mentioned, that you are free to be imperfect. What I am saying is there is no pressure to be great performance wise every time for fear of falling short either before God or the gathering. There is no pressure to be better. Being better is just gravy (or icing whichever you prefer).¬† When we are looking only to God in our worship we are free to be awesome… or not.


worshiping well for others

5 05 2010

On Easter my church had Easter in the Park.

After we ate my friend Nick Summers told me, “I like the way you worship.”

He proceeded to tell me how he liked it and just recently felt ready to raise his hand in worship. Nick was comparing how I worshiped with how he worshiped; and continued how he aspired to more freely express himself in worship.

What are you supposed to say to someone who likes you in worship when you really want people to focus on God?

I think the take away is that my being that active in worship made worshiping with hands raised seem conservative. The point is that when one starts being more extreme in the way one worships, whether it would be with all out dancing and hollering, or with absolute stilled focus on God, people can feel like they can move in that direction without being the “freak.”

I’ve felt like it was important that I worship freely not where I am not a distraction by hiding away somewhere, but where others can see me. This totally challenged my thought process because I wanted eyes to be on God, but I felt God encourage me to do this against my own desires for the sake of other people.

If I can help people move closer to where they feel they optimally express their worship for God by being a little bit of an eye catcher than, I’ll do it. My hope is that God would encourage the right people by their seeing me and help the right people not be distracted by what I do.

I may be wrong and that’s OK. This is just a thought really. I’m thinking that the way we worship can be not only for God, but also for others so that God would be most worshiped when others all freedom to express worship to God as their souls deeply desire.