A few years ago God rocked my world with respect to worship. My hope is to share some thoughts that will shape the church’s perspective and practice of worship.

Growing up in church exposed me to debate about the practice of worship – hymns vs choruses, individual vs corporate, singing vs other art forms, God focus vs person focus, extravagant vs simple, etc.

What I found after my life altering worship experience was that true worship transcended those debates. I needed a biblical definition and understanding of what God values in the practice of worship.

I actually have been collecting ideas and writing on the side intermittently on worship. I got tired of waiting on myself to finish a good book and decided giving now was better. There are certain things I’ve wanted to share with my friends about worship, but never really had the time or opportunity to put it out there. This blog is really for my friends who have expressed interest in my ideas about worship.

I chose the picture for the header to make sure the focus of worship was in the people. At first I was looking for abstract images and then images of nature, but I wanted something that would make worship less abstract and more near. Better worship happens because people worship correctly. God initiates and responds to our worship, but in all my experiences it has seemed worship was best when God graciously responded to something in His people.

The image is of San Francisco from Potrero Hill.


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