why matt redman is my favorite

6 09 2011

As I have journeyed in learning about worship, one worship leaders/songwriter has stood out over all – Matt Redman.

When I went to Passion LA Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman and David Crowder led worship (if there were others I can’t remember, it was some time ago). I left further impressed by Matt Redman.

Why? If there is one thing I wish worship leaders would do more is praise and acknowledge God for all He is. If there is a second thing I wish they would do more is to address God in the second-person.

Why is second-person so important? We are in a relationship with God and our worship is for an audience of one. To make this idea more tangible let’s think about the repercussions of dialogue.

If I say to you, “You are amazing!” or “You are courageous!” or “You are beautiful!” how is that received? Now, if I say about you, “She is amazing!” or “He is courageous!” or “She is beautiful!” how is that received by you? When we are talking about someone or something in third-person we are not talking to that person.

If God is our audience then shouldn’t we be proclaiming to Him?

Why is Matt Redman my favorite? It has little to do with his style, and everything to do with his lyrics and his posture toward the greatness of God.

Seeing him lead live he spoke words that proclaim the greatness of God to God.

You should give a listen to 10,000 Reasons and take notice of how often we are led to sing to God. Yes, there is value in reminding each other of the greatness of God, which is the effect of singing in third-person about God .

I am not saying it is wrong to sing about God in third-person. What I am saying if we want the most intimacy and great face to face interaction with God, speaking and singing directly to God is the only way to do it.

Make it a practice to worship God – speak directly to Him, not just about Him. I think over time you will come to understand why I bother to bring this up.

Go for it! Jesus, You are…





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