challenging popular lyrics

2 12 2010

I don’t have a conclusion on this.  I’d rather just start a discussion.

Where in the Bible does God claim Himself to be all we should want or need? Worship songs tend to use lyrics that proclaim God is all we need, but where does God say that in Scripture?

If there is one argument that comes quickly to mind it’s the beginning of Genesis. Adam was perfect. God saw it fit that He alone did not fulfill all wants or needs when He created Eve. All good things come through God and are found in God, but to say He is all we need or want, I’m having a hard time justifying such lyrics in worship songs.





2 responses

3 01 2011
Greg B

Hey there! I just discovered your blog, and I really love it. Keep posting! =) I’m not sure on this particular idea either, and think you may be right. Either way it’s a really good insight. A good argument for the other side would be how Abraham had everything but possessed nothing, to the extent that he was even willing to give up that which he loved most, his son. It seems to suggest God is all Abraham needed.

5 01 2011
Jonathan Louie

Thanks, I still have other ideas I’m working on, but I had some significant changes over the last year, as you can tell by my post dates. Plus the ideas I want to post on got way more complicated and I still had to do more study before I figured I could say anything.

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